Warren & Mahoney

Music Composed & Produced for architectural and design practice, Warren & Mahoney.

Holden Dog’s Dream

Music by Joel Haines for Holden ‘Dog’s Dream’ Commercial Agency: Special Group NZ Producer: Vicki O’Leary

Holden Colorado Graphite

Soundtrack by Joel Haines for the New Holden Colorado Commercial Agency: Special Group NZ Producer: Vicki O’Leary

‘Artefact’ TV series for Greenstone T.V.

Currently Screening and on Demand, Joel  composed the soundtrack for the Maori Television series ‘Artefact’, and collaborated on a titles ...

The Brokenwood Mysteries

Joel Haines is ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries ‘composer The Brokenwood Mysteries is a New Zealand detective, drama television series that premiered on Prime in 2014. The program ...

Westside Seasons 1,2,& 3

Westside has been announced as a finalist in C21’s International Drama Awards, which are voted for by the world’s leading scripted ...

Enphase Energy TVC

New TVC for Enphase Energy, Australia. Music: Joel Haines. Production Company: Kintaro Studios. Producer: Daniel Wieckmann.

dirty laundry soundtrack

‘Dirty Laundry’ TVNZ Drama

Joel composed the soundtrack for TVNZ’s brilliant  13 episode drama, ‘Dirty Laundry’ Veteran stage and screen actress Jennifer Ward-Lealand stars ...

‘Aotearoa’ TV series for Maori Television

Joel composed the soundtrack for this stunning TV show. Aotearoa brings Māori stories, history, Te Reo Māori, education, insight and ...

Sleepmaker Miracoil

Brand new TVC for Chemistry Interaction. Producer: Liz Garneau. Director: Gregor Nicholas. Music by Joel Haines.


Music composed and performed by Joel Haines featuring hand made instruments made with shoe boxes and rubber bands. Agency:BCG2. Producer:James ...

DNA Detectives

Joel Haines composed music for TVNZ show “DNA Detectives”. Production has started on season 2!! The DNA Detectives sees NZ ...

Audi Q7

Music & Sound Design for  2015 Audi Q7 by Joel Haines. Agency BCG2, Producer: James Blackwood    

Bach Espresso

TVC for Bach Espresso and the Team at BCG2. Composed & Performed By Joel Haines

Polaris Quad Bikes

Song Composed for Polaris Quad Bikes. The brief was to write an anthem for farm dogs all over New Zealand. ...

“The Price of Peace”

Tame Iti, the instantly recognisable face of Māori activism, is finally accorded the in-depth portrait he warrants in Kim Webby’s ...

Step Dave Seasons 1&2

Joel composed score for the hit comedy ‘Step Dave’ seasons 1&2 Here is a snippet from season 1   Watch ...

“Prison Families” Titles Music

Titles Music for the TV3 Gibson Group Produced show “Prison Families”. Joel Also composed all Score throughout the 11 episode ...


Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation TVC for McCann Melbourne Producer: Chelsea Nieper

‘Atomic Falafel’ Feature Film

Joel composed music for the feature film ‘Atomic Falafel’. Written and directed by Dror Shaul. It’s hard enough being a ...

Freeview “The Office”

Freeview Brand TVC’s Agency: TRUE, Music and sound design by Joel Haines, Animation: Yukfoo.

Audi Land Of Quattro

BCG2 brought us in on an this existing Audi TVC, which needed a good workover. Joel added huge orchestral Score ...

VW Touareg, Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai

Directed by Nic Finlayson, Production Company: Black and Cameron Shanghai, Music & Sound Design By Joel Haines

Bendigo Bank

TVC produced for McCann Melbourne, Music composed and produced by Joel Haines, Director: Nic Finlayson, Creatives: Jim Taylor, Chris Schoolman, ...

Nestle Gold Toddler

Air New Zealand Safety Old School Style

Golden Girl Betty White proves age is just a number as she gives us the old school version of Air ...

The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour Opening Sequence

The inspirational story of New Zealands greatest-ever day at the Olympics comes the true story of three misfits whose lives ...

Hellenstein Brothers soundtrack by Joel Haines

Hallenstein Brothers

Featuring the Voice of Matt Dillon

The Golden Hour

The inspirational story of New Zealands greatest-ever day at the Olympics comes the true story of three misfits whose lives ...

This Way Of Life

Winner – Best Documentary Qantas Film & Television Awards Winner – People’s choice best documentary Iowa Indie Film Festival Official Selection – ...

1 Cover Insurance

Strongman: The Tragedy

Soundtrack nominated for best original music at the New Zealand Film & TV Awards Strongman – The Tragedy is a ...


Baby in the Water

Nominated for Best original Music at the New Zealand Axis Awards. Campaign for New Zealand Water Safety.

Mercedes C-Class

The Soundtrack for the New zealand Launch of the brand new Mercedes C-Class, by Joel Haines. Film Producer: Pat Cox

McDonalds El Maco

Soundtrack for the McDonalds ‘El Maco’ burger. Very Tasty indeed!

Fletcher Door & Window Systems

Mazda CX-5

Music and Sound Design By Joel Haines

Te Korokoro o te Parata

commissioned by Auckland Museum. Immersive soundscapes as part of the Moana:My Ocean exhibit.


Song composed for TV2 idents. Written by Joel Haines, with lyrics by Charmaine Batt, and featuring the sublime voice of ...

Starship Hospital

Beautiful soundtrack for starship hospital TVC’s

Air New Zealand Retail


A telefeature portraying the kidnapping of baby Kahu Durie. ”No missing persons case in recent New Zealand history gripped the ...

The Golden Hour: Murray Halberg Wins Gold

The inspirational story of New Zealands greatest-ever day at the Olympics comes the true story of three misfits whose lives ...

Theme to NZ Drama Series “Mercy Peak”

Joel composed the theme song and soundtrack for the award winning TV series ‘Mercy Peak’. The show ran for 3 ...

Outrageous Fortune Season 2

Joel received numerous nominations for best original music at the New Zealand Film and TV awards, for his work on ...

After The Waterfall – Feature Film

Soundtrack for the Feature Film ‘After the Waterfall’ A forest ranger is haunted by the disappearance of his four-year-old daughter, ...

Grab a Seat

Natures Fresh

Sky Sport

Sound Design and Music By Joel Haines for all Sky Sports Channels, enjoying a run of over 10 years and ...

Yates Weed ‘n’ Feed