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‘Atomic Falafel’ Feature Film

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Joel composed music for the feature film ‘Atomic Falafel’.

Written and directed by Dror Shaul.

It’s hard enough being a teenager, working in the family falafel truck with her mother, who’s in the ninth year of grieving the loss of her husband, but fifteen-year-old Nofar Azrian sells falafel to soldiers perpetually ready for war, and her hometown is the site of Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program.

When a German international atomic inspector visits, the Israeli military sees a threat to national security. Nofar sees a chance for her mother to fall in love again.

Israel’s top brass brings its full weight to bear on the relationship, humiliating Nofar to get her to back down – but they’ve never taken on a fifteen year-old girl before. With her fast-talking hacker boyfriend, Meron, she turns the tables on the Israeli military, by stealing the country’s most valuable military secrets.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Nofar’s best Facebook friend lives in Natanz, Iran, target number one for Israel. How Nofar tries to save her friend, how her mom falls in love, and how the Middle East falls apart – is the thrilling climax of Atomic Falafel.