Stolen – Joel Haines Music


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A telefeature portraying the kidnapping of baby Kahu Durie.

”No missing persons case in recent New Zealand history gripped the nation more than the kidnapping of baby Kahu Durie. The adopted daughter of Maori High Court Judge, Justice Eddie Durie, and prominent lawyer, Donna Hall, Baby Kahu was snatched at gunpoint, sparking a massive police manhunt.
The nine days that follow the kidnapping were a gut-wrenching, agonising time for the family, and for the New Zealand public, as they watch, gripped by brave television appeals for the baby’s safe return.
Meanwhile, kidnapper Terence Traynor ruthlessly carried out what he believed was the perfect crime a crime five years in the planning.
Following Donna Hall’s emotional public plea, a letter arrived containing polaroids of the baby, and a ransom demand for three million dollars the biggest in New Zealand history.”